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To buy this great cd, please click on the cd cover below.


Click here to listen to The Invictas band playing at the
Rochester East End
(on July 14, 2006).

Photos of the band..

Stage shots

Herb Gross

Herb Gross

Jim Kohler and Dave Hickey

Stage Shot 4 Jim Kohler and Dave Hickey

In Rochester, NY

Armand And Invictas

About the Invictas

The newest Invictas cd is here. We've been working hard in the studio and know you will really enjoy this great cd. To pre-order this awesome cd, click on the cd.






The Invictas are back! They have played to sold out crowds, they drive a 1984 Cadillac hearse, and have a new CD entitled "Banned In Boston". This band guarantees to get you on the dance floor and put a smile on your face. And, when you party with The Invictas, you've gotta have a taste of their 60's drink the "Skip `N Go Naked". Oh, by the way, you'll not only have a great time, but we'll do something good - The Invictas always raise money for Leukemia Research.

During the 60's, their song "The Hump" was #1 in Miami and banned In Boston. Now they have new songs like "Big Caddy Hearse", "One More Time" and of course, "Lets Skip `N Go Naked".

The Invictas are the ultimate party band, so get ready to dance and have the time of your life. Click on the photo below to watch a video of the Invictas.



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