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Forevermore Records was founded in 1991, but our history dates back to 1957 as Masters Releasing, Inc. of Buffalo, New York. The label was founded by legendary record mogul Steve Brodie and nephew Christopher Biehler, originally to release some of their (over) 10,000 masters from the late 50’s through the early 70’s.

I Love Beach Music CD is here!
I Love Beach Music

I Love Beach Music CD is here! Forevermore Records proudly announces the release of a new various artists’ compilation that is a tribute to the soulful sounds that have made Carolina Beach Music a continuing phenomenon throughout the Southeastern United States and the world. I Love Beach Music contains both new recordings by legendary artists such as Danny & The Juniors, Russell Thompkins, Jr. (Stylistics), Jay Proctor (Jay & The Techniques), Royal Drifters as well as Carolina Beach Music stalwarts such as Jackie Gore & The Original Members, Craig Woolard, Susan Trexler and Terri Gore. This dance filled, fun filled compilation celebrates the magic of Summer, Soul Music, Rhythm and Blues and Beach Music.

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Summer Soulstice is now available!

Summer Soulstice is now available!

The New Summer Soulstice

A ‘Summer Soultice’ is when both the Sun and Soul Music exert their maximum power upon the Earth as its rhythms, melodies and rays strike us head-on and into our hearts.

If you are old enough to remember the 45 rpm record, then you may remember the very first time you found musical treasure in the grooves of the vinyl as the tone arm of the record player was gently placed on the outer edge of that seven inch disc. If you are a Record Collector you can probably recount many stories of “digging” through piles and boxes of old and used 45’s searching for that “perfect and rare” soul record. Summer Soulstice is a compilation that is meant to harken back to those days of finding a precious “Gold Soul Record”. The time to engage in celebration, the outward joy in the fullness of life and the richness of being is here! To read more and listen to some of the sample tracks, please click here.

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